4 Best Smart Home Light Bulbs

Posted by:Clemenson Homes Posted on:Oct 30,2016

Like door locks and security systems, lights have become exponentially smarter as of late. You can now supplant your standard brilliant bulb with an assortment of associated lighting arrangements that you can also control with only a couple taps on your smartphone or tablet. Be that as it may, with such a large number of choices flooding the smart home market, which one is a good fit for you? We’ve gathered together our best smart home light bulbs to help you choose.

1. Philips Hue Connected Bulb

Philips Hue is at long last moderate. At $14.95, the Philips Hue White smart light isn’t exacty a deal, however the cost has progressed significantly from the first Hue bulb. We’ve seen a lot of associated lights from that point forward, including some moderate choices from enormous names like Cree and GE, and littler ones like TikTeck. In any case, the Philips Hue line has stay phenomenal as far as elements and bolster, and the Philips Hue White conveys those advantages to a sticker price that makes it conceivable to equip your whole home in smart bulbs. That makes the Hue White deserving of our Editors’ Choice.

2. C by GE Starter Pack

The C by GE Smart Bulb pack ($50) is a simple one-stop amateur’s heap of associated smart bulbs. It comprises of four bulbs—two C-Life lights implied for the front room or kitchen, and two C-Sleep lights for the apartment—and they can be controlled without a center point. That implies you can utilize your tablet or smartphone, associate by means of Bluetooth, and conform brilliance settings rapidly and effortlessly with a smooth application. The drawback is that you can’t control the lights when you’re far from home, there is no Android support, and you cannot set them to a specific timetable. What’s more, that $50 cost is a brief lessening; it will in the long run go up to $70.

3. LIFX A19

Initially a Kickstarter venture, This bulb is a commendable opponent to Philips Hue with 16 million hues, 1,000 shades of white alone and WiFi bulbs with most extreme brilliance of 1,000 lumens. Also, best of everything, it needn’t bother with a center.

The more up to date A19 bulb decreases the mass so it will also work in more light fittings, and it utilizes a standard screw fit. Set up is straightforward and LIFX can even interface with your Nest smart home framework if you have one. You can control up to ten of this bulbs from your phone, creating distinctive mood lighting for each room in the house

4. Hive Active Light

For our UK homies, This Hive Active Light will supplant existing bulbs with screw installations, which you can control from the Hive application by means of your smartphone (iOS, Windows) tablet or portable workstation. Much the same as the other smart bulbs on this rundown, once associated, you’ll have the capacity to just kill the lights on or, set diminishing levels and set calendars.


You can purchase LED bulbs for next to nothing, however as with any tech you will get what you can pay for in the nature of light, coverage and brightness

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